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About Mz McGuire

Mz. Macky aka Colleen McGuire

I am a science educator  with a background in marketing and strategic planning.  I currently live and teach high school chemistry and physical science on the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I’m the “Moodle Maven” for our school and I am a tinkerer in technology of all types.  Before becoming a teacher, I worked in the chemical and electronics industries as consultant, marketing manager and planner.  Holding degrees in Chemistry, English, Business and Education, I’m is not one to be pigeonholed as a particular type of geek.  I’ve been active in local theater, women’s commissions, robotics competitions backyard gardening and have most recently been dabbling in stop-motion and 2-d animation just for yucks.

Recent developments in technology  – specifically educational technology – have piqued my interest in the social and structural changes that are about to take place in the American and the world’s educational systems.  For this reason, I’ve started to take a closer look at the character and economics of the learning process and how it will be altered in this conceptual age of social networks, virtual reality and globalization.  Meanwhile, I will continue to plant the seeds,  mow the lawn and pull the weeds in my yard, my work and my life.

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  1. February 17, 2010 11:51 am

    I saw your tweets concerning wiziq. I am a very happy camper there. If I can help you get past the initial hassles of figuring out the platform, let me know.

    I am currently developing tutorials that take each feature individually and discuss their use. Here is the class related blog:

    My main blog is devoted to fellow WIZIQ users.

    This is the friendliest (tech wise) virtual classroom I have seen. But, there is enough features that at first glance, it can be daunting.

    George Machlan

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